Counting Cats Off Familiar Tracks

Lizard Tales

Sometimes we can be completely oblivious to places just off our usual tracks.

Australia is such a particularly vast continent that it can be somewhat awe-inspiring to consider how much of the country most Australians have never set foot in. Living in one of the smaller states, Victoria, I tend to assume I’ve pretty much seen it all.

So, it was refreshing to have the chance to go on a little exploratory adventure within my own state, in the coastal Glenelg region right on the border of Victoria and South Australia. This is one of those gorgeous places where patches of bush extend to the coastline, and while it’s relatively close to my usual haunts, the area was completely new to me.

Just as Glenelg has been hiding just off my tracks for years, the movements and habits of feral cats in Victoria have been similarly elusive. The impact feral…

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Why everyone should use camtrapR

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Modellers v.s. Experimentalists – why can’t we all just get along?

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