About me


I am an ecologist aiming to conserve threatened species. My research generally centres around the management of invasive animals, trying to understand predator-prey interactions and improving the methods we use to monitor rare and elusive species.  I am also quite partial to a sensible prioritisation of management actions. 

I am currently a PhD candidate with the Quantitative and Applied Ecology group at the University of Melbourne. I am supervised by Brendan Wintle, Bronwyn Hradsky (QAEco), Julian Di Stefano (Fire Ecology and Biodiversity research group) and Alan Robley (ARI). I have a Bachelor of Science (1st class honours) from the Queensland University of Technology.  

If you would like to know more about my research, please contact me on:


You can also follow me on twitter: @Matt_W_Rees


*Taking the bait? I spend a lot of my time trying to entice different animals with baits to enter traps, as well as researching fox-baiting programs.